Levels, Playlists, Segues, Autodj

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1.  I am not using replygain.  All my music is close to the same level.  However, I would like to increase all songs to a higher level. Basically, take the feed and increase the master volume.    I doubt centova offers this ability, but I thought I'd ask.

2.  Apparently no one at centova has listened to the radio.  Their only ability to overlap songs is to fade out the one ending while fading in the one just begining.  I'd rather have the two songs overlap with a half second or full second of both songs (as a setting) without any phony fade in, fade out.

3.  A long while ago, I used a song tagging program where I asked for the artist - title info to be in all caps.  However, it also capitalized the file type as .MP3 instead of .mp3.  My playlist that centova has, uses this convention.  Now, I'm updating the sound quality of many existing files, but now taged as .mp3.  Will centova override these old files, which I want it to do, but still keep the integrity of the playlist which still says  .MP3.

4.  Can I disable autodj easily during a live show when buffering causes autodj to come roaring back in during the buffer.

Thanks very much.