What is the correct stream URL for a HTML5 web player

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Hi All
Could you tell me the exact URL to stream my radio station via my wordpress website HTML5 audio.
I have tried many variations from the Centova Quick Links but no luck. It is streaming successfully via other devices and media players but not coming via the website audio player. Here are my Quick Links below as a guide...
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Quick Links
Your stream start page:

Your streaming server index page:
Tune-In Links
*  Winamp, iTunes    https://thassos.cdnstream.com:2199/tunein/dddcommu.pls
*  Windows Media Player    https://thassos.cdnstream.com:2199/tunein/dddcommu.asx
*  Real Player    https://thassos.cdnstream.com:2199/tunein/dddcommu.ram
*  QuickTime    https://thassos.cdnstream.com:2199/tunein/dddcommu.qtl
Live Source Connections
Enter this information into your live source software to perform a live broadcast.

For the /stream mount point:

Protocol:    IceCast
Server hostname:    thassos.cdnstream.com
Server port:    5064
Mount point:    /live
Format:   MP3
Bit rate:   128 kbps
It appears a mixed content error, checking your start page an insecure url is loaded.

You should use https stream, some like this:

Use this for your HTML5 Player: http://thassos.cdnstream.com:5064/stream
Thanks the correct stream URLs are
SSS Audio Stream: https://thassos.cdnstream.com/proxy/dddcommu/?mp=/stream

Unencrypted stream: http://thassos.cdnstream.com:5064/stream