Problem After Upgrade to V3.2.12

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I have been using Centovacast V3.2.10 software since 2017 and decided to upgrade it to V3.2.12. Hoping that the new version is stable. After completing the upgrade, the accounts that has a AutoDJ has stopped working.

When I start the server, it returns an error:
At ../hoperadi/etc/liquidsoap/centovacast.liq,
line 131, char 8-9:this value has typeref(string) (inferred at ../hoperadi/etc/liquidsoap/centovacast.liq, line 128, char 9-14)but
it should be a subtype of (the type of the value at ../hoperadi/etc/liquidsoap/centovacast.liq, line 131, char 8-26)ref((default:_)->_)
Log has not been created, which may indicate a permissions problem or an inability to run the external application. Consult the Centova Cast
knowledge base.
Additional error on all of my centova server
Last 8 lines from the relevant log file:
[2020-03-21 22:01:12] INFO thread/ lock abort set to 0
[2020-03-21 22:01:12] INFO logging/recheck_log_file Using global log file var/log//access.log
[2020-03-21 22:01:12] INFO logging/recheck_log_file Using global log file var/log//playlist.log
[2020-03-21 22:01:12] INFO main/server_proc_init Icecast 2.4.0-kh10 server reading configuration from ../amfmphil/etc/server.conf
[2020-03-21 22:01:12] INFO connection/get_ssl_certificate No SSL capability on any configured ports
[2020-03-21 22:01:12] EROR connection/connection_setup_sockets Could not create listener socket on port 8854 bind
[2020-03-21 22:01:12] EROR connection/connection_setup_sockets unable to setup all listening sockets
[2020-03-21 22:01:12] EROR main/fatal_error Server startup failed. Exiting

My question is,
1. How to fix this issue?
2. Is it possible to undo the upgrade?

Any help would be appreciated.