How to remove "Buy this album" from Recent Tracks widget?

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I would like to remove the "Buy this album" link from the Recent Tracks widget.  Although I can modify artist and title using CSS, I am unable to modify the "Buy this album" link.  Anyone have a solution for removing or hiding this link?  Thanks.
where is the page at?

I use a delay on my jquery to accomplish stripping out the elements when I customized the html player.
one part of it, I copied the css code, but on the dynamically loaded css file that loads with the player, I made it delay for a second so  it executes the jquery css changes after it loads its elements.

My site is at so if you want to see a re-skined html5 player.

If the css is in a file that you load on the web page, then copying that file locally and altering the css would be the preferred method. otherwise, you have to change the css attributes using jquery after it loads.
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