Renewing SSL Certificate

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It's now a year since I successfully installed SSL on our Centova server. It's now time to renew the certificate and to do this I need to generate a new CSR and then install the new certificate. Last time I followed the instructions in - "Installing Your Own Certificate".

Are there any tips or gotchas inherent in generating a new CSR and/or installing a new certificate? Things that might be unwantedly over-written or otherwise problematical, for example? Things to watch out for?


Any pointers gratefully received.
Well, it seems we were able to use the existing CSR to get the new certificate. After that it was a matter of concatenating the files in the package in the right order (.crt at the top, followed by the three bundle elements), naming it [whatever].pem and installing it as per the manual. All went well (well, it did eventually, after I spotted a typo in my setssl command).

Hoping this info is useful to someone...
--Richard E