Prevent multiple songs from same artist in short timespan

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I'm not sure how technically possible this would be, but I'd greatly prefer if I could say "don't play more than one song from the Sara Bareilles folder per hour" to avoid repeats (i.e. two songs by the artist occurring right after one another, or playing several of them in a small span of time).
Please everyone. Cast your vote for this feature. This feature is very important especially to be in compliance with all of the Performance Right Organizations (PROs).  Go to the top and cast your vote.
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+1 very useful
I think this feature is very important. Could it be applied to the album if possible.
I am in favor of having this fixed as well. Perhaps settings much like the rotation rules Sam broadcaster has built in
Sorry, I posted a new thread before I saw your post, so I will repeat it here. This is indeed a key feature that Centova lacks, making the use of AutoDJ highly impredictable.

I am presently using Interval playlists (similar to to the one with Station Identification) to avoid having the same artist playing twice in a row. I have folders for artists with many songs (for example, Beatles) and set AudoDJ to play one randomly after, say, 10 songs or 60 minutes.

The problem is that this defeats randomness. A Beatles song will invariably be played every 10 songs or 60 minutes. So I would suggest a very simple fix to the guys at Centova: a NOT clause in the playlist logic. Instead of having a song picked every 60 minutes, we could have a song NOT picked within 60 minutes, with the possibility of being played afterwards remaining random.

That, I believe, would be a simple and ellegant solution to the problem many of us are facing.
sice centova 3 they made no changes with playlist features or i cant remember it! i dont know why?
I made an experience with playlists to avoid repetion and it seems to be working well, so I will share it here with you guys. I created 20 playlists covering my whole library, each with approximately 100 tracks. Each was programmed to work in Interval mode and set up to play after 20 songs. This ensures that any artist repetition will only happen after 20 songs, or close to one hour and a half.

Having said that, I must also say this whole situation is preposterous and makes AutoDJ almost unuseable without a pre-programmed playlist. Come on, you guys at Centova, solve this issue! As I suggested before, the simplest (and more powerful) way would be to include a NOT clause in interval playlists. Instead of "play after 20 songs", it should be "do NOT play before 20 songs".
Any answer about the very important feature ?
Of course, we can't use an autodj feature without be able to forbidden 2 songs with the same artist !
Any answer about the very important feature ?
Of course, we can't use an autodj feature without be able to forbidden 2 songs with the same artist !

Nothing at all. Until this matter is sorted out, I gave up on the AutoDJ altogether and created 20 playlists, at this point with approximately 200 songs each, each set to play in sequential order (not random) after 20 songs from the other playlists. At first I tried to set each list to random play, but even that did not work well. Some songs would repeat after 20 songs, others would almost never play.

I have all songs from my radio station in a flash drive and I must say that, sadly, even my car's player in Shuffle mode works better than the AutoDJ. It never repeats a song and it goes back to where it was when I turn the radio off and on again. With the AutoDJ, the random algorithm apparently does not eliminate songs that have just been played, which sometimes leads to the same song being played twice, and all history is lost when you stop and restart your station.
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The function of protection against repetition of the artist is very important and necessary !
+1, it's a really basic feature
+1. I love the auto and have a ton of songs loaded. But it tends to grab the same songs over and over while not playing others. its the only thing that is a disappointment.