Attention on dnas 2.6.0

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Dnas 2.6.0 is currently causing problems with second stream in aac. After update and server restart i have this version :-( .

The reason is this message:
"WARN [Licence sid=2] Format is not MP3, where only MP3 is allowed"
in logs.
That's probably because of and

How can i downgrade to 2.5.5?
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How to disable DNAS updates in the future, or should i change to icecast??
This issue will be fixed in next updates? Thanks.
yes downgrade to 2.5 for fix problem

Thank you for the link from where to get Shoutast ver. 2.5.5 build 773 that allows us to use also the AAC audio coding!

May I ask for some help, please?

I need to replace Shoutcast 2.6 with Shoutcast 2.5.5
Is there a command that allows us to install a specific version of shoutcast, perhaps taking it from a folder on the same server or even from the folder /centovacast/shoutcast2 ?

 If I use the command   /usr/local/centovacast/sbin/update shoutcast2    , Centova will pick/download a new version (No AAC!)  of Shoutcast and will replace the version 2.5.5 of sc_serv2_linux_x64-latest.tar.gz that I just  put inside /centovacast/shoutcast2  .

Thank you!
It is done, I did it.
Thank you