Advanced Scheduler : Incorporating Clockwheels

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I've been using Centova Cast as my streaming solution for years now, but I currently use it as the streaming source, and I use an external system to stream to it. I wanted to know if there were any plans to incorporate a clockwheel solution to CentovaCast, as opposed to the current solution of creating playlists. Suppose you have 5 different playlist/song categories (Station ID, R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Pop, New Music), the clockwheel scheduler could be something like:
1 - Station ID
2 - R&B
3 - Pop
4 - Soul
5 - Advertisement
6 - R&B
7- Jazz
15 - New Music

The clockwheel will pick up song from folders/categories. There could be artist restrictions in place as well as to prevent repeating.

From there, you should also be able to create numerous clockwheels and schedule them for when they're supposed to play.

This is used on a few systems such as and, but I think many users, myself included, would be thrilled if it were to be offered here on Centova Cast.
Please, we need Centova to add all these features, we will thank you.