volume on Songs are not all the Same

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 :'( Hi,
I have noticed that the volume when a song is played are not the same.  Some are low and some are high and not constant.  I have another station on Radionomy and I don't see this problem.

How can I fix this problem so that all the songs play at a standard volume with same volume?

Thanks for your help.

By the way I have notice that the question I have asked previously are not being answered at all although I see many views.

hi 4Lobos,
what happens is that Radionomy has compressor to regulate audio levels but Centova Technologies does not.

I had to level the exact audios to upload in Centova. Lower mp3gain program and really works, you give the db you want and what you can do for file.

Regards! :)
Thank you Goergevideo for your suggestion.  No one in Centova cast came back to me in this forum.

Hi Jeorgevideo,

Do you know how to correct error YP 480?  I have posted for advise and no one from centavo has got back to me.  As you know I am niwbie and don't know much about centavo cast....

Hi 4lobos,
I can not say about the YP 480 error.
Hi jorgevideo,

I have purchased mp3gain and tried to increase volume of some file.  The question I have is do I have to save the file?  I don't see anywhere how to save the file.  I don't know if I drag the file in MP3 gain and increase the volume and apply does you file get updated automatically?
Hi 4lobos,

once you adjust the volume you want, setting records it straight to file.
And forgive the English ..

Just started with my internet station with Centova but my volume is far...I repeat, far lower than the volume of other stations and it's driving me crazy. Can anyone help? Many thanks fellows!