Interrupting a playlist/rotation

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We run a web radio that only plays DJ mixes. With the timed Playlists for this to work so far everything good (morning rotation, etc.). What we need is the opportunity that is automatically skipped a playlist as soon as another playlist to start. Where this works, but there is the problem that when a show for example, start at 8.00 pm and another mix at 7.55 pm (from the rotation) is started, it passes only through (usually 60 minutes), until the actual show then starts (in this case with 55 minutes delay). So far we have the current mix always "skipped" manually, but it must be there (via cron) a solution, as this example works for, without need for manual intervention.

Is there maybe someone has an idea?
I think that you can create a playlist scheduled (random play and repeatable every day) starting at 7:30 PM interruptible, containing some "normal" tracks of 2, 3 minutes of duration.  In this way you are sure that the next program will start at 8:00 PM.
Bob C.