sctrans2 available for icecast

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Would be great you guys can add support on sctrans2 for icecast servers, as you know sctrans2 can encode autodj files from mp3 to aac and for icecast servers would be great!
i really want this
sc_trans2 has been shelved by its developers, so it's really pointless to invest any more time in it

Icecast will benefit from the new autoDJ software which we've been working on implementing as a replacement for sc_trans2
fantastic, when will be available the new autodj? be possible to transmit in AAC+ format from shoutcast and icecast servers?
It will be available for Shoutcast v2 and Icecast (not for Shoutcast v1) and it will support both AAC and MP3 broadcasting

No ETA though
When does it come  ;D

i found an easy way to do this, using 2 instances of centovacast running in client / server configuration.

set up an icecast stream on one server.

set up a shoutcast stream on another with auto dj turned off.  Then simply relay the stream from the icecast server.