Tunein.com api support

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For the next release we'd be glad to see the integration of tunein's api broadcaster information to let centova cast update tunein currently playing and recently played tracks, see here:

+1 for this.

Using getmarci for this, but would be great to have this feature build-in.
Great idea !
I'm in.
thanks guys but we're still too few... anyone else interested??  ;)
+1 TuneIn is going to be as standard for online broadcasters :)
+1 this would be awesome to have built in!
+1 yes please. we have had requests for this support.
+82, sry i have 82 clients that would love to see this......

88 users would be glad, but we're still too few!!
Come on, spread the word!!!!!  ;)
alle you mentioned that you were using getmarci for this. Could to explain how? Would love to use the autodj + tunein and if this is a short term fix I would be interested to know whats involved.

Ultimately having it builtin to centova would be great.
yeah, tunein.com integrated api would be great.
it could be be like this:
configuration / server overrides / tunein.com broadcaster api
put a ticker with "enable tunein.com broadcaster api"
and then the broadcaster should fill the three following fields with these values (provided of course by tunein)
partnerId: xxxxxx
partnerKey: xxxxxx
stationId: sXXXXXX

the code to be implemented on autoDJ used to transmit the tracks' name is provided by tunein.com itself and goes like this:

Code: [Select]
  # Update the song now playing on a station
    GET http://air.radiotime.com/Playing.ashx?partnerId=<id>&partnerKey=<key>&id=<stationid>&title=&artist=
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Since your server are configured correctly, the song title appears normally on Tune In or not?
plain and simple: no.
currently, centova does not support tunein.com broadcaster apis. this topic has been opened to ask their implementation in a next future release, hopefully. ::)
centova, can give us any hope?? 
+1 more!
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