Centova Cast v3.2.9 Released

February 24, 2017

Centova Cast v3.2.9 is now available. This release introduces several security updates, improvements and bug fixes.

The following is a complete list of changes included in Centova Cast v3.2.9:

New features

  • Add log rotation for nextsong.log files


  • Security updates for PHP, OpenSSL, zlib, and libpng
  • Peak Period statistic now shows 'None' instead of a default time when no listeners have ever tuend in
  • Listeners meter in client area now displays server-wide listener count rather than first-mountpoint count
  • Merge DNAS2 SHOUTCAST.SERVERGENREx fields into a comma-delimited list in server.getstatus API call
  • Renumber DNAS2 streamids to always be sequential to work around apparent DNAS2 bug
  • Improved numbering in default names generated for new mount points
  • Liquidsoap no longer calculates replaygain metadata if replaygain is disabled
  • Update to latest Pure-FTPd


  • Fixed automatic unsuspension bug
  • Fixed regression in Let's Encrypt certificate renewal
  • Fixed regression affecting account suspensions
  • Fixed regression breaking AutoDumpSourceTime in DNASv1 accounts
  • Fixed bug in which proxy tune-in links for IceCast default mount point might be broken

For more information about Centova Cast, including screenshots, please visit the Centova Cast product page or contact a Centova Cast sales representative.