ProFTPd integration: Permission denied


With ProFTPd integration, I am able to login using my Centova Cast stream usernames and passwords, but I get "permission denied" when I try to upload files.


Your Centova Cast user account may have been created with a user ID below 1000. Under most Linux distributions, user IDs below 1000 are reserved for system accounts, and as a result, ProFTPd will not allow you to use them when logging in.

If you find that you are able to login via FTP to your Centova Cast accounts, but that you receive "permission denied" errors whenever you attempt to upload files, you will need to login to your server via SSH and run the following command to determine your Centova Cast user ID:

id centovacast

Replace centovacast with the username for the account under which Centova Cast will be running. You should see something like:

uid=500(centovacast) gid=500(centovacast) groups=500(centovacast)

Check the uid= value to determine the user ID of your Centova Cast account; in the example above, uid=500 indicates that the user ID is 500. If this value is below 1000, then this is the reason for your "permission denied" errors.

If so, add the following line to your /etc/proftpd/centovacast.conf file directly below the SQLEngine on line:

SQLMinUserUID 500

Replace 500 with the user ID you obtained above. Finally, restart ProFTPd to make the changes take effect.