Problems when listing 250+ albums/tracks


I get an error message (or the media library loads forever without finishing) when an artist in my media library has more than 250 albums, or an album has more than 250 tracks. How do I fix this?


Centova Cast does impose an internal limit of 250 albums per artist, and 250 tracks per album. This is for performance reasons, as Internet Explorer has a rather poor JavaScript engine and it can get very slow if you load too many items at once in an AJAX application like Centova Cast.

Centova Cast should display a warning message if you exceed this limit, but there was a bug in versions 2.2.0 - 2.2.2 which prevented this warning from being shown. Later (and earlier) versions should correctly show a warning message indicating that the limit has been reached instead of just loading forever.

If you want to increase the limit under any version of Centova Cast (including the v2.2.0-2.2.2 series), there are two undocumented options that you can use to do so:


Edit /home/centovacast/system/config.php on your server and add these near the end of the file, just before the ?> line. Then just change 250 to whatever number you feel is appropriate. If you are using Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome, you should easily be able to use 500-1000 or so. Please be aware that Internet Explorer may have problems (perhaps even crash) if you try to make it display significantly more than 250 tracks, particularly when using older versions of Internet Explorer.