Missing login form (username and password fields not shown)


I installed Centova Cast and the installation completed successfully, however when I attempt to use Centova Cast, the username and password fields are not shown on the login form. Why is this, and how to I correct it?


During installation, you were prompted to enter a path for the Centova Cast control panel (which provides the web interface for Centova Cast), as well as a path for the Centova Cast core files (which provide Centova Cast's stream management functionality).

If the login form does not appear, this means that the Centova Cast web interface is unable to access the Centova Cast core files.

This typically happens for one of two reasons. Either:

  1. You have installed the core files and the control panel (web interface) in the same directory. These MUST be kept separate, and if you put them in the same directory, many files will be overwritten. (This also presents a serious security issue -- you should NOT under any circumstances place the core files under your web root, or your stream configuration files -- including passwords -- will be accessible to the world.)

    If you have specified the same directory for both the core files and control panel, your Centova Cast installation has been irrecoverably corrupted and you will need to reinstall Centova Cast.

  2. Something is preventing the web interface from accessing the directory containing the core files. This can be any number of issues, commonly including (but not limited to):

    • open_basedir restrictions may be enabled in PHP
    • safe_mode restrictions may be enabled in PHP
    • filesystem permisisons may be preventing the Apache process from accessing the core files directory
    • selinux permissions may be preventing the Apache process from accessing the core files directory

A good place to start is by accessing the Centova Cast diagnostics script at:


(Replace www.example.com/centovacast/ with the actual URL to your Centova Cast installation.) This will give you a custom report of any problems found with your Centova Cast installation.

If you are sure that neither of the above issues apply to your situation, please feel free to open a support ticket for further assistance.