Media library update does not complete or stops with error


When I attempt to update my media library, the progress bar does not reach the 100% position and/or I receive an error message. What does this mean and how do I fix it?


While this can potentially have a number of causes, overwhelmingly the most common cause is a corrupt MP3 that is causing Centova Cast's ID3 tag reader to exit with an error. To diagnose this (and/or determine which MP3 is causing the problem) please login to your server as root via SSH and run the following command:

/home/centovacast/system/runascc/runascc exec ccmanage reindex USERNAME --debug --verbose

Replace USERNAME with the username of the stream whose media library you are having problems with.

This will display a large quantity of diagnostic output, eventually culminating in the error message which is causing the media library update to fail in the web interface.

The error message (or the lines immediately preceding it) should reference the filename of a particular MP3; that MP3 is most likely the one that is corrupt. Removing the corrupt MP3 should resolve the media library update failures.

But the MP3 plays fine in my desktop media player. It can't be corrupt!

Please refer to this article which explains, in a nutshell, that this is not a reliable measure of the integrity of an MP3 file, as most commercial desktop media players go to great lengths to accommodate corrupt MP3 files. Full details are available in the linked article.