FTP integration: I can't get ProFTPd integration working!


I have followed the instructions in the Centova Cast installation guide but I cannot get ProFTPd integration working. How do I make this work?


This depends on the integration method you're using.

If you are using non-MySQL integration with ProFTPd, there are few problem scenarios and it should just work -- if you're experiencing problems, please re-follow the steps in the manual and make sure you didn't make any mistakes.

If you are using the MySQL integration method, please note that it is often very difficult to get ProFTPd's MySQL module working correctly. Many of the binary releases of ProFTPd actually include a broken MySQL module which, despite appearing intact, will not work at all. We strongly recommend the non-MySQL integration method with ProFTPd.

If you absolutely must use the MySQL integration method, do not attempt to integrate ProFTPd with Centova Cast until you have tested ProFTPd's MySQL authentication module with another non-Centova Cast database. If you cannot get ProFTPd to authenticate against another database, then your problem is with ProFTPd, not Centova Cast. Please note that we cannot provide support for installing ProFTPd.

If you have successfully gotten ProFTPd to authenticate with another database, but you still cannot get Centova Cast to integrate with ProFTPd, then please open a ticket with our helpdesk. We will request the username/password from your alternate MySQL database so that we can confirm that ProFTPd MySQL integration is working, and if so, we will attempt to resolve the issue for you.