Artist/album/track titles and covers are not updated if the MP3 ID3 tags are edited


If I use the "Update Media Library" button to index my MP3s, and then I edit the ID3 tags on one of the MP3s that Centova Cast has already indexed (or modify its album cover), Centova Cast does not update the artist/album/track titles or covers the next time I use the "Update Media Library" button.


This is actually not a bug, but rather the intended behavior; ID3 tag parsing is a rather slow process when done in aggregate, so Centova Cast will ignore media files which it has already indexed for the sake of performance. Thus, when you re-index your media library, only tracks which have been added or removed will be processed.

We determined during testing that our clients preferred this behavior as opposed to having to wait for Centova Cast to re-index their entire media libraries (sometimes composed of tens or hundreds of gigabytes of media) every time they added one or two songs.

If you wish to have a track reindexed, click the "Update Media Library" link and wait for it to complete. When it does, a "Perform full media library update" button will be displayed; click it to re-index all of your MP3s and pull in any changes.

NOTE: This article is for Centova Cast v2 only; an alternate version exists for Centova Cast v3.