How do I set up Amazon integration?


How do I set up and use Amazon integration to display CD covers and Buy Now links from


To set up Amazon integration:

  1. Login to Centova Cast as admin and enable Amazon integration on the Settings page (if it has not already been enabled there) by entering your Amazon Web Services access key ID.

    Note that this is not your referrer ID or any other token you might have obtained from Amazon -- it is your Amazon Web Services (AWS) access key ID. No other value will work here.

  2. Login to the stream for which you want to enable Amazon integration.

  3. Click Configure server, then on the Start Page tab, and enter your Amazon associate ID.

Any media added to your library after this point will include covers and buy- now links from Amazon if available.

You can also force an update (on the Playlists page, click Update Media Library, and then when it finishes, click Perform full library update) to pull in the Amazon data for existing tracks in your media library.

If you have performed the above steps but are still experiencing problems, please refer to:

CD covers and Buy Now links from Amazon not appearing

NOTE: This article is for Centova Cast v2 only; an alternate version exists for Centova Cast v3.