New iPanel, iHost Updates

March 29, 2016

iPanel v4.3.0 and iHost v3.3.0 have been released with a number of new features, improvements, and fixes.

Changes in this release include:

  • Add Stripe payment gateway
  • Add payment details support
  • Add chargeback settlement support to PayPal payment gateway
  • Add missing countries to country list
  • Add support for providing quotes to clients
  • Add proactive payment interface for clients
  • Add API events when account contacts are created/updated/deleted
  • Add option to suppress CC batch reports
  • Add support for account profile histories
  • Add contact viewer
  • Add more translatable strings
  • Improve invoice viewer
  • Improve credit card management
  • Improve display of PayPal recurring payment details
  • Improve email and hostname validation throughout iPanel
  • Tickets now are reopened when replies are received via email
  • Remove subscriptions upon account deletion
  • Increase password field length
  • Only show terminated packages to clients for 60 days after termination
  • Improve subscription recurrence period calculation
  • Retry mail delivery to secondary addresses if primary fails
  • Account register now displays better payment gateway info
  • Don't treat early-warning-stage invoices as past-due
  • Manually applying a payment now updates invoice paid statuses
  • Improve performance of account list search
  • Many improvements to checkout form
  • Fix warning when viewing accounts when no payments exist
  • Fix overly-restrictive staff restrictions in event log viewer
  • Replace payment form with dynamically-rendered payment interface
  • Fix bug in which invoices may incorrectly remain upaid upon account cancellation

Download the updated versions of iPanel or iHost in your client area at