Problems with web/mail/DNS configuration of provisioned accounts


Q: I've setup iPanel/iHost to provision accounts in my control panel (CPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc.) and signed up for an account. The account was created in my control panel, but there was a problem with it (such as a DNS problem, mail problem, web configuration problem, missing default web pages, etc.) How do I fix this?


When diagnosing an issue like this, it's important to note exactly what iPanel/iHost is in charge of and what your control panel (CPanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin/etc.) is in charge of. iPanel/iHost lets the user sign up, creates a billing account, and accepts payment if needed. Then, it passes the account's username, password, domain, and E-mail address to CPanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin, and that's it -- it has no control over what the control panel does with that information, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the provisioning process beyond that point.

At that point, the control panel is responsible for setting up everything to do with the web hosting account. That includes DNS (domains/subdomains), the web server configuration, the FTP configuration, the mail configuration, setting up default web pages, setting account limits, and so-on.

If any part of the account is being created in CPanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin/etc., then this indicates that iPanel/iHost is correctly passing the account information to the control panel. So any problems with the site after that point are control panel issues and they're completely out of iPanel/iHost's control, so you'll need to refer to your control panel's documentation or technical support for assistance.