iPanel/iHost is not creating accounts in my control panel


Q: When a user signs up for an account, it is created in iPanel/iHost but is not created in my back-end control panel (CPanel, Plesk, etc.) Why is this?


Please perform the following steps to diagnose this problem:

  1. Login to iPanel/iHost.
  2. Click the Provisioning queue link (in the lefthand column) to see if there are any errors.
  3. If you see any provisioning jobs in an error state, please check the Event Log (in the lefthand column under Reports) which will provide a detailed explanation of why the provisioning job failed. Be sure to look back through the event log to the time and date at which the provisioning job failed.
  4. If you do not see any provisioning jobs in an error state, make sure your cron job is set up and working properly.

If you are still unable to resolve the problem, please open a ticket with the helpdesk and PLEASE BE SURE to provide the error messages (if any) from the provisioning queue and the event log, as well as the output from the diagnostic command in step 5 of the cron job test.