Error "No applicable account packages selected" when approving accounts


Q: When approving accounts, I receive an error message saying No applicable account packages selected. How do I correct this?


This error indicates that the account(s) you selected are not in Pending status. You cannot approve an account unless it is in Pending status.

The other possible statuses for an account are as follows:

  • Hold: This status indicates that the account is still unpaid, and iPanel/iHost will NEVER provision an account that is unpaid. If you are in doubt, please view the account and check its outstanding balance. To activate the account, you'll need to either: 1) wait for the user to pay, 2) apply a payment manually, or 3) edit the invoice to zero out its balance.
  • Provisioning: This status indicates that the account is already approved and/or paid, and is waiting to be provisioned. The account should automatically be provisioned the next time your iPanel/iHost cron job runs. If the account remains in provisioning state for an extended period of time, check your Provisioning Queue to see if an error occurred.
  • Active: This status indicates that the account has already been approved and provisioned, and is already active. No further approval is required.
  • Suspended: This status indicates that the account has been suspended. It cannot be approved, only unsuspended.
  • Cancelled, Fraud: These statuses indicate that the account has been either cancelled, or marked as fraudulent. Both of these statuses are effectively "dead-ends" -- they cannot be revived.