Reseller Options

Reseller Options

The reseller options tab contains additional settings for your reseller account. The fields available include:


  • Sender E-mail address
    Specifies the E-mail of the person in charge of managing your stream. Centova Cast will automatically send notifications to this address when necessary.

  • Logo image
    Provides the option to upload a logo which will be displayed in your clients' control panels instead of the logo of your reseller account provider.


  • Character encoding for new accounts
    Specifies the character encoding to use for new accounts. The purpose of the character encoding option is explained in the User's Manual.

Google Maps

  • Google Maps API Key
    Specifies whether Google Maps support should be enabled. Note that (with the exception of domain names using Google Maps prior to June 2016, which have been grandfathered in by Google) a Google Maps API key or Client ID must be obtained from Google prior to enabling this option.

  • Google Maps API Key
    Specifies your Google Maps API key for displaying Google Maps. Instructions for creating a Google Maps API key are provided by Google.

  • Google Maps Client ID
    Specifies your Google Maps Client ID, if your are a Google Maps APIs Premium Plan subscriber. This field should usually be left empty.

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