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NOTE: This article is for Centova Cast v2 only; an alternate version exists for Centova Cast v3.

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Changing licensed domain name or IP address


I have ordered a Centova Cast re-issuable license key, and I need to change my licensed domain name or IP address. How do I do this?


To change your licensed domain name:

  1. Login to your client area at centova.com.
  2. Click Manage Product Licenses and select your Centova Cast license.
  3. Click the Re-issue license key link. (See the section below if you do not see a Re-issue license key link.)

This will authorize the reissuance request on our end. Next, you just need to tell Centova Cast to request a new license. Login to your server via SSH and run:

/home/centovacast/system/runascc/runascc exec ccmanage reissuelicense newhostname.com

Replace newhostname.com with the new, fully-qualified domain name on which you'll be running the Centova Cast control panel.

The license change will take effect immediately.

I do not see a "Re-issue license key" link

If you have located your Centova Cast license and clicked on it, but you do not see a Re-issue license key link, then either:

  1. You have not yet issued this license key, in which case you do not need to re-issue it -- just install Centova Cast normally and it will update your domain name automatically as part of the installation process.


  2. You did not order a re-issuable license. With a non-reissuable license, your licensed domain name cannot be changed (as was prominently explained on the order form when you purchased your license). More information is available here.

    Non-reissuable licenses are not locked to a specific IP address, so you don't need to take any special steps to move your license to a new server -- as long as you've moved your domain name to the new server as well, you can just enter your existing license key on your new server and it will work fine.