Centova Cast and PHP v5.2.10

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Just a note for anyone who's experiencing any of the following symptoms:
  • Installer stopping at "Running diagnostics, please wait" message under PHP v5.2.10
  • Statistics no longer updating after upgrading to PHP v5.2.10
  • Sudden "No response, possible configuration problem" errors after upgrading to PHP v5.2.10
  • "Segmentation fault" errors in your main Apache error log after upgrading to PHP v5.2.10

PHP v5.2.10 has a rather severe bug which causes it to crash when certain PHP functions are called. Those functions happen to be used by Centova Cast, so as a result, Centova Cast's cron job, installer, and certain other features will malfunction under PHP v5.2.10.

The PHP bug tracker entry for this bug is at:

This bug has already been resolved by the PHP developers and will be fixed in PHP v5.2.11, which is now in beta.

For those who are affected, you'll need to either apply the fix that's been checked into SVN by the PHP developers, downgrade to PHP v5.2.9, or upgrade to the v5.2.11 beta.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but regrettably this issue is beyond our control as this is a problem in PHP v5.2.10 itself as opposed to an issue within our code.