Project still alive?

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I'm wondering if this project "Centova Cast" is still alive? This forum is getting flooded by Spambots, the testversion of CC v2 is offline ( ), version 3 is still "work in progress" (demo version is very buggy too) and also by writing this forum-message, I get some "Socket exception" errors... The last news on the mainpage is more than 5 months old.

I don't know why someone would buy this product? I've read some very good reviews about it and wanted to buy a Centova Cast license, but it doesn't make much sense to buy it, when the project is frozen or canceled...

So, is there still someone working on this? Will someone fix these bugs?
Thank you.
The project is not cancelled. We've been trying to deal with spambots. We're currently a bit quiet as we are trying to finalize the new Centova 3.0, but the service is very much alive, although a bit... in slumber at the moment :)
Is there a way to give some estimates?
Our customers keep requesting feautures they see in V3 but we must keep saying no.

There is a lack on sharing process which results in questions like ts did.
V3 was released half a year agi, and had some bugs. I cannot image it needs so long to fix?

Please inform us on the status, so everyone can make decissions.

Hope on possitive reply.


We apologize, but at this time we are not able to provide any ETA for V3 .
Sure, that is what you telling us for several months now. I guess the product is not that messy that you cannot tell us the status?

I think you should remove the info for version 3 on the main pages also. As the version is not there, so don't advertise with it then. It is misleading.

Besides, i mentioned to give updates, not an ETA. If you inform us, the questions do not keep going on, as we can follow the progress.

To be honoust, i consider the project as dead some time now.

Sorry i'm so direct, but i feel we are not taking seriously at the moment. I like to stick with CC, but i like to keep updated then. And i think others agree with this as there are some broken installations out there i guess :(

I'm sure they will get v3 complete sooner or later, I'm just thankful for the updates they issued last month, not that there was really much wrong with the older version but the fact they even issued a update shows Centova is still in fact in the game. I can also say this, the coding for Centova Cast is very complex, if it wasn't there would be several other SHOUTcast control panel scripts out by now, I think there are about 5 others out now -- just as there were several years ago, and even with them, none have the features Centova has so clients will not go anywhere, they already have the best they can get.

I would, however, like to see them put the demo back online, it really helped with sales and it's a pain to run our own demo with having to reset the password every few hours.
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