Cluster Servers?

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Does centova cast have a system to connect multiple servers together so once the 1st server is full I can have it automatically send all the clients coming next to the 2nd server?

Or is this something WHMCS would be able to do itself if Centova doesnt already.

I know the licenses are for 1 server but if I bought a second server and a 2nd license I mean.

Yes, check the docs regarding API clustering.
Someone can tell me if works and how because i follow all the steps and my whmcs continues creating the new account in the old server not the new i add as slave.
You need to change your WHMCS default server most likely.  WHMCS will send orders to whatever your default server is.  WHMCS > Setup > Servers, click on the one you are wanting as a default.  Just a thought :)

Breck Burgess