aac+ flash player

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As a Centova Cast user what optios would I have to stream a live AAC+ audio to flash players?

Will I still need a transcoder server (wowza, red5) with centovacast 3.0?

thank you!
I know that Centova 3.0 will come with a flash player, but I looked through the release notes of version 3.0 (http://forums.centova.com/index.php?topic=453.0), there's no mention of AAC+ support, so I don't think that is in the books unfortunately. You might wanna post it as a suggestion, maybe it just hasnt been mentionned by Steve...
The thing is that Flash does not yet support AAC+, as simple as that.

You can of course reencode to a RTMP stream using flash media server or similar but that's not very practical.