International for Russia

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I can translate web interface to russian language. I would be happy to assist you.  ;)

How i can do it?

 Please follow these steps to create a new Centova Cast language file.
Create a new directory under /home/centovacast/system/locale/ to contain your language.  For example, if you're translating to French, you might use /home/centovacast/system/locale/fr_FR/.
Copy the sample /home/centovacast/system/locale/en_US/locale-en_US.php file to the new directory with the new locale name.  For example, if your locale directory is fr_FR, you'd name it /home/centovacast/system/locale/fr_FR/locale-fr_FR.php.
Edit your new language file and enter translations for all of the English strings.
Edit system/config.php, locate the line that says: define('LOCALE','en_US'); and change en_US to your new locale.
After updating the config.php file, your new language will immediately take effect.  Note that a number of the UI headings are rendered as images (saved under www/theme/images/ with filenames beginning with the word "heading-").  You may wish to translate those as well to achieve a "complete" localized experience.

Also note that Centova Cast performs caching on certain elements of the interface, so you may need to logout, wait 90 seconds, and then log back in after updating the language file if you still see English text.