Scheduling Improvements

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I use the Centova Auto DJ, and really "dig" the scheduling side of things.

Thing is when scheduling, you've only got options for:

Never (One time only)

Can you not create one for hourly? I tried using the interval of 60 minutes, but it just inserts the content at silly times and not at like every hour at sort of for example 01:00, or 01:01 (cos it depends on the length and time of the track previous)
I don't recall the particulars on this but there was some element of our scheduling system that made it either difficult or inefficient (i.e., too high a load on the MySQL server) to implement an hourly schedule at the time we implemented the other periods... something to do with the other periods being based on calendar days, IIRC.

I agree that it makes sense though and I've re-added it to our issue tracker for a future release.  Thanks for the suggestion!
Agree with Chris above, hourly scheduling is a must for a station wanting to play, for example, news on the hour or huge top of the hour jingle.

While you're at it, could there also be options for 2-hourly, 3-hourly, 4 hourly and 6-hourly?

It sounds like overkill, but I've had several situations where I've wanted to use it, e.g. to play a weather report every 2 hours and a news bulletin every 4 hours.

Even shorter intervals would be useful in ad scheduling - then we could tell clients when their spots will play.

The one hour option is a total imperitive though.
Hi Steve,

I have to also agree with both chris and musicradiochina on this one, musicradiochina has made some very good examples of how this could be used, the benefits to a playout station is gigantic as it would then also allow for alternate ad breaks along with the possibility of the current time insertion something we have touched on within another post.


Would it at least be possible to add some date/time limits to "Interval" playlist type?

An example how this would have improved my life today:

I have short ident which needs playing every 20 minutes next Thursday only (because it's the 60th anniversary of the formation of this country)

As far as I can see, I have 2 options...

A) create 72 (3x24) playlists each with one item in, or,
B) set my alarm to wake me up in the middle of the night next Weds to activate an Interval playlist, and, the same again the following night to delete it (which I'll probably forget to do and have egg on my face).

Could the functions of the existing Interval and Scheduled folder types be combined into a new type of versatile scheduling folder?  Without proper scheduling this thing really is severely crippled.

I would love to have the hour option for my news.
Now i made 24 playlists the play's every hour.
The problem is that when de auto-DJ is disconnected due a live show, the news are on a hold.
When auto-DJ is set to ON all the news items are playing.
So 5 hours without the auto-dj on ON wil play 5 times the news items.