Now Playing Info Stops After 60 Mins

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I have centova auto dj with my streaming host and love it. I won't settle for anything but Centova Cast, because of how professional it is.

I use the code snippets from the control panel for the now playing information and use this on my pop-out web player. As the title suggests, after an hour or so it just stops sending the data and the current playing song that is live is not displayed, instead the song that it stopped at is.

Realising this is not making much sense, so playing now on my stream:
Nickelback - I'd Come For You

but on my Web player it says: Now Playing: Mariah Carey - Obsessed

The now playing info on the Centova Cast CP is always up to date at the bottom so why is this not the case for the code snippet?
The now playing snippet within the CP should stop within 1hr as well.  If you're seeing it remain active longer than that, it's likely that you've navigated to another page in the CP at some point in that hour, which resets the timer.

The 1hr limit is imposed as a safeguard for the protection of the stream host -- sometimes users just leave a page open and forget about it for hours/days on end, and there's no point in letting the song status reload indefinitely, using server resources when nobody's looking at it.

This limit can be changed by the stream host (in system/streaminfo.js under his web root) but not by individual streaming clients, so I'm afraid you'd need to contact your host if you wanted to have this changed.