erratic bitrate exceeded error

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hi guys,

I am struggling with a ghost error at my providers centova setup.
I keep getting bitrate exceeded errors from their server, and of course the server-stops that go with it.
I search this forum a few times, and saw only 1 topic (with a dead-end) covering the same behaviour.

I do not use auto-dj, only live streaming (128kbps cbr). I have used Sam broadcaster as a source, but since a few years I have switched to a RPi with darkice running.
My provider used to run V2 for a long time. I never had an issue, nor with sam nor with the darkice setup. The stream would run for months.

Then my provider upgraded to V3 ( v3.2.15) That was when the errors started to appear.  Server stopped every 2 days, sometimes even twice a day.
So I checked with them, and the error must be on my side they told me.
So I started debugging and checking with some friend-experts in streaming.
Our conclusion -since bandwidth is not an issue- it must be the long ping delays to my provider,  and darkice isn't really suited for that.
So we came up with the solution to run a local icecast server and the relay the provider to that one. (better buffering better catching up bursts)
Meanwhile I added a second server at my provider to handle HTTPS streams.
So the setup as it is now :
[audio]-->[ darkice]-->[local icecast]----{internet}--->[server1 relaying local server]----->[server2 relaying server1]

This drastically improved my bitrate exceeded error. Going from once every few days to once every few weeks.

The strange thing is that suddenly server2 (which is fed by server1), was also giving these bitrate exceeded errors. Completely independant of the occurance on server1.

I also noticed something strange, my live stream is on /live, on the icecast server. The public shared mountpoint is /stream.
But if go to the admin page of the icecast server (both server1 and 2) It shows all listeners on /live and 0 listeners on /stream.
This seems akward. I remember with V2 they would be at /stream. (as also on my local icecast server)

I am left on the end of my rope here.
I have absolutely no clue on what is happening here.
Is there anyone who can advise me on what is causing this ?