hello to everyone!

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hi! and happy new year! i'm new, from Italy.

i'm thinking of starting my personal streaming activity (as shoutcast/icecast reseller) and i want to know what i need. i want the Centova control panel. can you explain me how to start? i know i need a personal server (ovh?) but i want to know what are your recommendations to start.
There are so many options to starting a project such as yours that I believe every reply will give you a different answer.
I don't resell my server space I have it for my personal use and this is what I did.
I have a dedicated server with an Unlimited CentovaCast Lic
I installed a bare Linux Servers and installed CentovaCast following the install instructions and then uploaded the songs for each of the 13 radio stations. My radio stations are 100% Unsigned and Indie Music and maybe 10 years ago I installed CentovaCast. In the beginning I used ShoutCast and created a new server for each radio station and manually updated the m3u files.

CentoavCast allows me to follow and track log records, time of play, insert commercials and with 1 click restart a service or the entire server.
all the best with your project.
Tommy TBones
Broadcasting Indie Music since March 1999