Centova Cast Not Picking Up All Listeners As Unique Listeners

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I been running an ICEcast since August 2021 and even run my own ads on my Facebook Page, some days I can get 204 ASCAP music sessions and only like lets say 4 sessions and 1 unique listener in which is myself,  a lot of the time my own IP is listed more then once even when I use the same exact app to listen to my own station. I play about 350 tracks per day with no commercials so and yesterday I had 17 ASCAP music sessions and 4 unique listeners with about 6 music sessions.

I have a strong following with my steam on Facebook my link was seen by over 5000 people within the last 3 months and I gained 84 likes to my page and my link was even shared on FB. but my total listeners is still 1-4 per day, in a 24-7 stream

My guess is that most of my current listeners are using a VPN to hide their IP since I only seem to have 1 listener at a given time most days, then myself. I need to know if I am correct, because I can't see anything live so I've been counting ASCAP music sessions as my listener count since otherwise I would have 1-3 including myself that would be 4.
Also my radio station DOES NOT work on any google chrome OR Internet Explorer browser in which limits my listeners to only use Mozilla Firefox only or another 4 music programs

I have a relative that I think has been listening but she has a VPN, and uses Firefox, but I cannot see her so maybe I most of  my listeners  are using a VPN, I would like more accurate results or just to know that if ASCAP music sessions count as an actual listener so I know I am getting some listeners by the hour in which is my goal but no that is not happening,

 if you want to hear my ICEcast here, it's a classic rock variety station
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