Historical play counts

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Is there a way to go back and see how many times you've played each song in the past week/month/year?  I'd like to use that data to make a countdown show for the most popular songs on the station, but haven't found anything that lists that data. Thanks!

Centova Cast does include what you are looking for, you need to go into the View Statistics Menu, then under Tracks at the bottom will be montly reports that you can download.

The one you are looking for is called performance_year-month.csv

This data is only compiled monthly though.

That's what I had thought as well, but that report link hasn't been there since March--I think it disappeared right after that widespread license issue at the end of the month and I haven't seen it since.  Any ideas as to why?

Thanks, Mark!
If the function actually disappeared from your installation, that can't be due to the licensing error. Your best bet is probably to fill a ticket with a screenshot of your interface and we'll look into it for you.
I am presuming that the date is set correctly on your server?

These should be generated automagically every month, although I'm not 100% sure which process does this.

Is it on all of your streams on the server or just one? If you have the folowing setting:

define('QUOTA_SPOOL_ONLY',false); and the person has used virtually all of their disk space allowance then there simply won't be space to store the log files. I tend to change this setting to true, but that is totally up to the host.

These can also be found on the server in the following location: