Question about squeleton directory.

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We are using now a radio hosting panel I made using webmin, we want to change to centovacast because is a great panel, and we want to set all up before we swith our users to the new system, and one thing we offer to our clients is a small space where they can upload a web page, to include this on centova, is ok to add a new folder inside /home/centovacast/system/skel/var/spool and that way it will be configured on all new accounts?

Thank You
Yup, that'll work just fine.  Centova Cast just makes a verbatim copy of the entire contents of system/skel/ in each new account's directory so any files or directories you put there will be copied along with it.

If you (or anyone else) is interested, there are also separate skeleton directories for ShoutCast/IceCast under /home/centovacast/system/servers/*/skel, and for ices-cc/sc_trans/etc. under /home/centovacast/system/sources/*/skel, which can be used to provide different files depending on what server or source is deployed.
Thank you for your answer Steve, I have another question, can this be set up by reseller or is for the general server?

I'm afraid it's a server-wide skeleton.  Resellers do not receive filesystem access so they wouldn't be able to modify it.