Email Test : Error sending message

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Hi, I can't take the email test:

Error sending message from to
Error: Failed to connect socket: Connection timed out
Using SMTP: Yes
Subject: E-mail delivery test

How can I configure an SMTP server on my server where Centova is installed? I have entered the parameters of another server of mine but it seems that it is wrong. I lighten you screen.
it looks as if you SMTP server setting need correcting
the quickest way to check your info:
 1.) Open local mail client and find Account Info
 2.) Enter the SMTP info from your mail client to CentovaCast

user ID: my login id is my email address
Password: mail password

then check again and if you get the same error try setting up a new email account. If you use any program such as RoundCube, Webmail or any of the other popular mail programs there should be info in the account details to hep you connect email.
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