SSL update

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I have a ticket open from 13/03/2020, I made the payment on 23/03/2020, made your requests on 26/04/2020 to access you, I wanted to know when you make the change for SSL

Have you already installed your ssl certificate?

I have the same problem, I bought it on May 5, 2020 and today May 18, 2020, I have not received my ssl installation

I appreciate your response?
Same here... I have paid... waited over 4 weeks... no response. They just keep closing my tickets. What is going on ?
Hello everyone,

We are very sorry about the delays, that some of you are experiencing with your orders of professional services. Our staff is currently overwhelmed by the sheer number of orders, and are having difficulties keeping up.

To help speed up delivery of your order, please follow these guidelines:

- do not update your ticket at the installations department, unless you have important information to add.
- if you wish to inquire about the status of your order, make sure to open a new ticket to our support department instead.
- make absolutely sure that login credentials are working, and that your firewall  isn't going  to block our technicians from logging in.
- if issuing an SSL certificate is required, make sure to provide a domain name or sub-domain, and make sure your domain name records have been properly set beforehand.


Roger, that is an unacceptable answer because if you get a ticket you should reply to tell us that there is a delay, I waited 2 weeks plus and then canceled my ticket and now I read it's because you're swamped with orders so hire more help. What you are doing is pissing off customers who look to your for help. I don't expect to find Staff participating in the general forum that's not what the general forum is all about, it's users helping users. I do expect communications from Tech Support a when I prepay for service and I don't expect that I should have to wait for 2 weeks and not get any answer.  Now I'm searching the forum because the documentation for installing an SSL cert failed and the current SSL is assigning the wrong IP address. 
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The issues with support & paid pro services still continue, it appears they know exactly how sh*t the service is too, they don’t reply to follow up tickets.

Paid for professional service, 9 days later job not done and only 1 single ticket reply to say basically “they are busy but will check with installations department on progress” , not heard nothing since and every new ticket goes ignored, so they know how shit the service is and are choosing to ignore follow up tickets.

Submitted requests for update, nothing, submitted new tickets...nothing, just completely ignored. Original ticket to installations department hasn’t ever been replied to so in theory should stay “in order” to have work completed...🙄

It appears that this place is going down big time, they appear to be struggling to stay afloat, mind you it’s not surprising with how they are treating customers. Half of the pro paid work is due to features/functions lacking  in the panel that they have chosen to not bother with, the ssl modification could have been applied as an update but they are choosing to charge a pro service for this, we pay a license fee with the idea being they develop the required functionality...

I’ve lessened my reliance on centova panel for this very reason, while we have system admins we have found that 99.9% of system admins have no clue about centova panel so we rely on the pro service from centova for the centova cast servers, something that is increasingly becoming an issue, sadly this panel is still seen as “reliable” by radio stations as they are largely unaware of the lack of support and still a need albeit slowing.
I paid for custom native SSL work for Icecast over 4 weeks ago (19/10/2020) and nothing has been done yet.

I've sent multiple tickets about the work, but I keep getting fobbed off, and now no-one is replying.

I've now asked for a refund, but no reply, silence...

Has anyone had any paid work done recently, or are they just taking our money and doing nothing?
I reallye believe that they can add ssl support by default. Paid support it is overloaded, so they not solve in some updtade and not solve by paid support. We are using a thirth part solution, but that thyrth part not have listenerst stats issues because all listeners have the same ip in stats.

Why they don't make some tutorials to all admins follow to install the resouce?
Same here... I have paid... waited over 4 weeks... no response. They just keep closing my tickets. What is going on ?

Once bought something from Centova and never again.Trouble with SSL,no feedback from staff,they asked for additional payments to do something that other services got and is internet standard for long time.They didn't even to partial refund me.If anyone want to purchase centova unlimited from me i will sell it cheap....