Heavy Rotation Over Run

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I use AutoDJ to fill in between live and pre-recorded shows.
However if I have a show starting at 10am and AutoDJ starts playing a track at 9.59am and the track is 4 minutes long, the 10am show does not start until 10.03am.
Surely show scheduling is an important aspect of any station.
Would it be possible to add the following in the General Rotation playlist (currently only available in schedule playlist):
Stop After: Terminate if another scheduled playlist is due to begin
This would help, I believe with scheduling shows to start on time.
Did you find a workaround which enables shows to start on time?
This is a big issue for a lot of my customers radios, this is one of the most complained about things on centova from my clients radios. I don’t know why it wont be fixed so that it cuts the auto dj for a scheduled show it would make a lot more sense