Mountpoint problem

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Good day all.

Got a host which runs latest version of centova and icecast and got a few mountpoints, a /live for listeners, /Dj 4 to /Dj1 for live dj's and autodj as backup.

When switching between mountpoints, listerners need to refresh the website ( html or wordpress) to continu listening, it's very inconvenient and listerners walk away.

Is there a fix that when switching between mountpoints the player doesn't drops out and need to refresh the page?

It seems a centovacast problem, because when using a panel like mscp pro+  it doesn't occur?

Could any one offer some assistance perhaps?

I use the fallback mount option
Last Edit: March 22, 2020, 01:43:19 pm by Vincent
Hi. Tell us about your audio configuration. What codec and bitrate you are using?