Icecast SSL for keeping stations live in chrome

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As you probably now, chrome started to block unsecured music streams in the latest version. I understand that ShoutCast in older versions like 2.5 (the one not being killed by the paywall) is not able to use SSL, but Icecast is.

So can we get the same certificate used for admin panel installed for every Icecast instance? This should be an easier change in the config for you.

Thank you!
I contacted CentovaCast support team regarding this and this was the reply:

Regarding Icecast 2 native SSL support:

The authors of Icecast 2 have recently added native support for SSL, however, the way it has been implemented -- requiring an additional port dedicated to SSL connections, prevents us from supporting this feature, without significant re-design of Centova Cast.

If you would like to look into Icecast's native SSL support yourself, there is a discussion in our community forums at , however, bare in mind that procedures posted in our forums, are not officially supported by our staff.