We upgraded to OWNED from MONTHLY, now what???

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Approximately 3 weeks ago we upgraded to an OWNED license. But I see that the MONTHLY is still active, so as a result we have TWO LICENSES but only one installation of Centova.

We can not allow our single station to go down, there would be severe income lose at this point if this were to occur.

I thought I was simply upgrading, your system even deducted for the few days that we were into the month when I paid for the OWNED license. But now we are receiving notices to pay the MONTHLY. this does not make sense.

I have put in multiple trouble tickets about this, but still there is no response.

We CAN NOT go down over this SNAFU, I repeat, WE CAN NOT GO DOWN!!!!!!!!!

The oldest ticket number is - Ticket JX1-UKS9-198

The newest ticket number is - Ticket EA3-WNU0-694

And oh yeah, and did I mention this? - WE CAN NOT GO DOWN OVER THIS ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see that your ticket was addressed already -- sorry the reply was a couple of days late, our new staff are still getting up to speed, but we are responding to all tickets as quickly as possible and response times will be back to normal shortly.

For the public record, you didn't upgrade your license, you just ordered a second license.  That's why your original one remained active, and why you were still being billed for it.  There was never any risk of your control panel going down as a result of having two licenses.