What happens next with Centova?

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Centova runs stable and almost error-free. What will happen in the future? What plans are there? Is the development completed, only bugfix?

Unfortunately, there is no real development with new features or functions. Obviously the programmers do not use the software themselves. The last big step was version 3. Basic things haven't changed since then.
Beside DAB the transmission standard for the radio will be the Internet. Centova is the basic framework for this, but is that enough?
Not completely error free, but can live with those smaller bugs.
It is worth trying other similar streaming control panels. Among them are developments that have made bold innovations. After that you can see the direction of development that radios need.
There are some things that needs to be changed. We have developed the most things, that we need ourself for centova. But there are parts where centova needs to help. Sometimes its boring and i think we should switch to an self developed panel, but for now centova is the most stable panel on the market an i will see what will happen in the future.
We are currently testing a similar software on a server. The developers are making good progress and listening to the users. There are a lot of functions where it is always said here: doesn't work, not supported.

I just want to show you that it can work differently. Centova lives alone from the - at the moment - lack of competition. But why is there no real development, costs or enthusiasm?
As far as I can tell, the number of alternatives has been steadily growing for quite some time now, whether cloud and software based. From a time when there was little to no choice, we now have quite a bit I would say.

So it really would be good to know more about the next version of CC, which a member of staff hinted at in relation to the development slowdown which started about a year ago. I seem to recall mention an emphasis on mobile functionality, is that right?!

Although I have no plans to change in the short term, the feature gap is growing rapidly and getting harder to ignore...
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I totally agree Centova needs to make major improvements to the software, of course kudos for their work so far. As far as similar software alternatives are concerned the AzuraCast seems very promising, time will tell.