Introduction file problem

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Hi. We've had the same introduction file for our autodj stream for the last 8 months and it's been working perfectly ... at least until last week. We stream over a number of platforms and the website players being used run the intro file just once and then our stream begins. Oh, and before you mention it, the kps rate and sample rates etc are fine. Anyway, our stream also plays through 3 versions of an app developed by Nobex - 1 for android, 1 for apple and 1 for Blackberry devices. Last Sunday our android app started to play our intro file over and over and over and over forever etc and Nobex have no idea what's causing this. The problem is ONLY with the android app. On all other platforms and the other 2 app versions the intro plays just once and then the stream starts. Help ... please !!!
John Watson
Sleep Radio