Payment of invoices

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I received the credits in my account regarding the fault of the licenses
coast but in my account and billing system is not open downtown
them with credit, leading to suspension of my license.

I sent a call to the sales department and until now nothing, ID

What do I do to lower my payment and activate
I Have  the same Problem

i send  4 or 5 mail  to steve  a  open a lot  of  ticket but still now  my license are not AKTIVE

I pay a bill for support  and  upgrade  but nothing 

I  wait now  over  one month for a solution

My Tiket
NB2-XFD5-998   , OJ3-GBX9-313, AL1-QKA5-612, LS2-LKD8-207, VC8-SET1-360
and all  other ticket are Delete from centova

now i pay all invoices and the system not see the payments  :'( :-[ ???
I see no credit in my account.
Steve, please look at my ticket: YV0-TJH4-748
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I have no mood to slow Centova.
all my bills are paid for it I have a Owned-Unlimited License but was still suspended.
Since about a month I'm waiting for an answer but so far I still have no feedback
I have five tickets are open out and get an answer.

what the hell is a support for each day I lose more and more customers

What we should still make it work properly.
come with the prosecutor or the police ........

This is  one of my Ticket NB2-XFD5-998
Sorry for the stupid quested here, but if your license is an "Owned" license (As in you paid a large one off fee for it) then how could it be suspended??

Even if it is to do with paying for support, you actual license shouldn't have been suspended?

Are you able to do anything with it in your client area (Such as reissue it)?
hey steve,

and my problemen?
i need one response....

how many more days I will have to wait for a solution, is turning an already dirty.

somebody else went through this or this happening? who spent what they did to solve?
Charles, sorry that your ticket was not addressed sooner, that was a mistake on our part and I do apologize.  As for your license suspension, that is because you have 3 unpaid invoices.  If you did submit payment for those, we would need you to open a ticket with the sales department and provide the PayPal transaction IDs as we did not receive them.

For everyone else, I have gone through all of the ticket numbers (I believe) and all have already received replies.

For anyone submitting payments that do not appear in your account, please bear in mind that by far the most common reason for this is failing to use the "Pay now" link on an invoice.  If your PayPal address does not match your email address on file, and you do not use a "Pay now" link, our system is going to have no idea who the payment came from, and won't be able to associate the payment with your account.  In a nutshell, do NOT use PayPal's "Send money" feature if your PayPal address does not match the email address we have on file for you.