Blank page on create accounts

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I got some problem with Account creation part.
After i'll try to create an account or account template i get blank page.
Turned error reporting on in php.ini, in apache log i get this message:

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[Fri Jul 24 10:15:14 2009] [error] [client (censured)] File does not exist: /var/www/cast/start/$test
[Fri Jul 24 10:15:24 2009] [notice] child pid 404 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
[Fri Jul 24 10:15:24 2009] [notice] child pid 406 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

First was problem with memory limit, but i changed to 64 MB.
Any Idee? or a working php.ini config with PHP 5.2 ?

The "exit signal Segmentation fault" lines mean that Apache or PHP is crashing which is why you're getting a blank page.  You'd need to ask your systems administrator to diagnose that... most likely you'll need to have Apache and PHP rebuilt to fix that.
It's a new system config after a server reinstall, this mean about everything has standard config value. The only thing what i modified that is the memory limit.

The problem is: why crash it, when it is a fresh installed, auto-configed server without another modify.

I think, this script require some php settings.
memory limit, and other things, what i dont know now.
First, i get memory limit error on account creating, after i changed it, the blank page is the next step.

Atm i need to fix it, so please can you tell me those thing what require your script?
I read the manuals, documents, but not found anything about the server config.

I think, this script require some php settings.

Sorry to be so blunt, but no, that's simply not the case.  No script should ever be able to crash PHP/Apache (short of special cases such as stack overflows, which isn't the problem here) and regardless of whether it's a new installation or not, a segmentation fault means there's a problem with Apache/PHP and that needs to be fixed.

please can you tell me those thing what require your script?

I saw this on the linked site.

PHP:     PHP v4.3+ or PHP v5.x
GD & FreeType extensions required
safe_mode/open_basedir/etc. disabled

I can see 2 options, what i asked, but that "etc"?
What does it mean exactly?
I would like to get something like that:

Apache server config required:
* memory_limit = 64MB +
* safe_mode = Off
* open_basedir = Off

So, all settings, what are different from default values or special.

Only at centova script make the Apache this segmentation fail, and any other script work correctly.

You said, this issn't a simple script, this is a plan, this is a construct in the server, so as part of the support, can we ask a showable php.ini file, with your Centova Software work?
A normal default, what if i overwrite with the currently, it'll work.

Sorry, for my English knowledge, but i hoppe, you can unerstand it.

The "etc" just means that any of PHP's features which impose artificial "security" limitations need to be turned off.  Off the top of my head, that includes the safe_mode, open_basedir, and disable_functions directives.

The reason we don't explicitly list every possible thing you could do to your php.ini that would break compatibility with Centova Cast is because 1) there's a LOT of different things you could do to cripple PHP, and 2) none of those things are turned on by default, so if you've enabled them, you should hopefully know what they do and how they might affect programs like Centova Cast.

In short, if you're using an out-of-the-box PHP configuration ("out-of-the-box" meaning "based on the default configuration provided by the PHP team", rather than "a modified configuration set up by some other control panel you've installed", that is) and haven't turned on any of PHP's clunky security features like safe mode, etc., then it'll work just fine.

If you need a sample PHP configuration, just go to, download PHP, and use the sample they provide.  That one works flawlessly with Centova Cast (assuming, of course, that you don't have any library conflicts or other problems which cause Apache/PHP to segfault :) ).