Disabling MP3 Tag changes & grouping in Media Library

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Since my complaints from the support seem to be intentionally ignored from the support, I post this here as a clear bug that they apparently do not want to fix.

It annoys monstrously that Centavo Cast simply unquestioningly group and change certain MP3 IDs, songs or artists. Points, special characters such as "&" or underscores from songname or artist fields will be simply removed which mess up our entire song voting system on the website.

How can I stop this crap once and for all?
And why be this nonsense at all?

I have already adjusted the following settings, but Centova Cast still groups songs and ignores artists that are associated with special characters (such as "feat." Or "&").


Is it so hard to give the user full control over his music?  >:( >:( >:(
it nice to complain about something that is wrong and you seem to have a bit of knowledge about coding so my question is if you know what's wrong why don't you fix it and share the fix with all of us?

Have you tired using a few common delimiters? such \ or / or ' or " that's where I'd start
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