How to disable stream info from being seen by listeners?

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So I stream to people but there's also a chat where people talk and spend a lot of time. However, I find that songs seem to saturate the chat window and people would much rather not have it there, cutting into their conversations.

Is there any way that I can make it so that it's simply not displayed in the chat window? I've tried looking, everywhere, in settings, but I'm unable to find a solution.

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in the centavacast.conf file you'll see:
all the configuration files are located in:

# -- Track Information Formatting ---------------------------------------------

# Controls the formatting of the "now playing" text displayed in the Centova
# Cast client area and stream info widgets.  %artist% = artist name, %title% =
# track title, %album% = album name, %playlist% = playlist name (if on autoDJ);
# set this to an empty value (do NOT comment out) to use the text from the
# streaming server verbatim
NOW_PLAYING_FORMAT=%artist% - %title%

you can stop the display by adding the # symbol in front of NOW_PLAYING
or remove the %artist% - %title%
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